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Exclusive Services

LC Body & Wellness Spa offers non-invasive, affordable body sculpting services with no downtime to help individuals feel great and look amazing! 

LipoMax RF Body|Face

 LipoMax is the latest aesthetic non-invasive equipment that slims the body and rejuvenates the skin through the most advanced and effective face and body treatments in the market: tightening, butt lift, cellulite reduction, body contouring and facial rejuvenation, among others. Its powerful combination of radiofrequency energy, photoneumatic massage and LED light phototherapy offers excellent results from the very first session, achieving an amazing full body transformation without pain or surgeries.

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Radiofrequency Energy

The delivery of RF energy heats up the different skin layers without damaging the tissues, stimulating natural collagen production for a powerful tightening and rejuvenating effect. The heat also activates the fat elimination process and reduces the appearance of cellulite by treating that factors that cause it, achieving smooth, uniform skin in minutes.

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LED Light Energy

The LED light penetrates deep into the tissues, working at a cellular level to create a repair and regeneration effect that significantly improves the skin’s appearance and texture without pain or discomfort.

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Photopneumatic Massage

The vacuum massage with patented Superpulse technology lifts the facial contour, reshapes the body by eliminating localized fat, lifts the buttocks and treats the causes of orange peel skin by stimulating blood and lymphatic flow.

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Red LED light

Red LED light at 630nm: stimulates the fibroblasts to create new collagen fibers to replace the old ones, repairing the damaged tissues and restoring the skin’s youthful tone, smoothness and firmness.

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Superpulse Technology

The Superpulse is an advanced patented technique that maximizes the properties of the vacuum subdermal massage to redefine the face contour, reshape the body and effectively treat the factors that cause the appearance on unwanted cellulite with three different pulse modes.

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Blue LED Light

​​Blue LED light at 430nm: provides an effective acne treatment thanks to its purifying and antibacterial properties for beautiful, smoother, healthier looking skin.

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